training classes

Group Classes

Held at The Raw Connection
26200 Carmel Rancho Bvd.
Carmel, California 

(Call 831.626.7555 for directions.)  

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Puppy Good Start

Puppies 9 weeks-18 weeks
Yes, You can start training early! The sooner, the better! (Is Puppy Class Safe?) Your puppy is learning about life from the very moment the pup arrives at home. Come learn how to get your puppy started on the right paw – right away! This six week class covers:

  • How to cope with house training, chewing, nipping, jumping, and crate training.
  • Socialization: why, how, and polite greeting skills.
  • Introduction to basic manners: Sit, Down, Come, Care, Handling and Leash Skills, all with positive reinforcement and rewards.

Class size limited to six dogs. Class Fee: $160 for the six week session, paid in advance to reserve your space.

Continuing Education Class for Adolescent Puppies

Puppies 5 months & older 
The Class is for puppies five months and older, when training is so important to maintain! The purpose of the class is to improve upon skills and attention to owner.   

What is a “Continuing Education” Class? A Continuing Education Class allows you more flexibility and opportunity to continue the training of your dog at your own pace. These are on-going classes vs. a set series of consecutive classes. In other words, you can skip a week, and not get behind. Participation is up to you and your schedule.   

The Adolescent Puppy Continuing Education Class keeps your pup on the path to becoming a well mannered dog. Adolescence is the most important time to maintain a puppy’s education. Adolescence is when most dogs are surrendered to shelters. Many people stop training after a Puppy Class, and their dog’s behavior deteriorates. With this class you can now keep improving those new puppy skills in a flexible and convenient class format.   

The “Continuing Education” Class is on-going, and may be joined any week as long as space is available. Having completed Puppy Good Start, participants are encouraged to join to reinforce the skills they have learned. The Continuing Education Class can be an opportunity to begin a puppy’s training if you missed the Puppy Good Start.   Class size is limited to six dogs, therefore pre-notification of non-attendance is required. Please call at least 3 days prior to Monday’s class to avoid forfeiting that week's class. Minimum class size is three dogs participating, or class is cancelled that week. Last minute (non-emergency) cancellations forfeits one class.  
Five-Week Class Card ($140) to be completed in 8 weeks.
Ten-Week Class Card ($230): to be completed in 16 weeks.

New! Continuing Education classes for Adult Dogs

The Continuing Education Series of classes offers the opportunity to train and improve your dog’s skills at your own pace. These are on-going classes that allow flexibility. If you need to skip a week, it’s not a problem! You can start anytime as long as there is space available. The exercises taught are geared toward preparing you and your dog to be able to pass the Canine Good Citizen Test. Exercises can be tailored to your needs. Successful completion of the skills for each Level allows progress to the next more advanced level. * In winter, class times are subject to change due to the change in daylight hours and weather. Please call in advance to check time and availability of space.  

Good Manners

For dogs six months and older 
This is a basic manners foundation class, using positive reinforcement methods. Clickers are introduced, but not required. This six-week class covers: Attention, Come, Sit, Down, Stay, Leave it, Leash Skills, and a Reliable Recall (emergency recall).   Class is limited to six dogs for more individualized attention.   Cost: $150 for six week series. It’s never too late to start training your dog. Come join us and learn how.Divine K9 Dog Training