I am a return customer to Andee's class because I know that from previous experience my puppy received a good foundation and launching pad for its behavioral training. I have taken my pups to the puppy class at 8 weeks old and have been very pleased with the results I obtained from such a young puppy. Andee stresses the importance of socialization which insures a well behaved and good pet citizen. That is important to me because it enables me to confidently travel with my pet and take them wherever I go knowing that they will be adaptable and comfortable in various situations. I attribute my previous dogs great performance and personality to the first class she attended and that was Andee's puppy class.

- Kathleen Byrd, Carmel Valley

Andee’s effectiveness as a dog trainer stems from her ability to think like a dog. Her puppy classes teach basic obedience and good manners in a way that is fun for both dog and owner. Andee helped me with my Newfoundland, my Saint Bernard and most recently, my Old English mastiff. The fact that I keep going back is a testament to her success and innate skill as a dog trainer.

- Nazneen Eggleston MacDougall, Pebble Beach

Andee has been guiding me through the dog world for over six years and has worked with three of our dogs. Even though our newest puppy was in dog classes since she was just a few months old, still things happen beyond our control. At the age of three she had an injury and became fearful of other dogs when out on a leash. Dog trainers call this "leash reactivity." This was a real setback to us because we are the kind of people who love to bring the dogs along everywhere. In a private lesson Andee taught me to recognize the onset and avert the dog's attention in positive - even fun- ways. Within just a few days, we had enough tools to go out on the rec trail and practice approaching other dogs. In a follow-up lesson, Andee worked with us on the rec trail to observe and interpret our dog's behavior and help me improve my skills. After a few more months of practice, we are now able to go out with our dog to restaurants, dog shows, and urban hiking. (Off leash has never been a problem.) We still have to keep an eye on things, but I am hopeful that, with time, the leash reactivity will fade away completely.

I love Andee's gentle, softspoken, and 100% positive style. She is first and foremost an educator. She doesn't power through a bunch of unrelated information. She listens and then she tailors the information to *your* dog and *your* situation. Andee teaches you how to relate to your dog in a way that the dog can understand. She is very flexible and finds what works for the individual dog. She is also very practical. Andee looks at the dog's lifestyle and the human's lifestyle and finds solutions that work for everyone. She makes it easy and doable. She is very compassionate with me and I never feel judged or lacking as a dog owner. And, I suppose the dogs sense this compassion too. They learn in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere of mutual trust and respect.

Working with Andee has helped me improve my relationship with my dog. Rather than forcing my dog to behave, she teaches me games to make the dog *want* to do the desired behavior. That is the magic of the positive approach to dog training - and it works!

We have worked with Andee in puppy classes, adult classes, adoption evaluations, introducing a puppy into a new home, and private in-home training. Andee is a wonderful resource and I I highly recommend her as a dog trainer in any capacity. She really shines in the private lessons where she can evaluate the situation and create a plan that really works.

- Lori Grant

A 5-hour drive to Truckee allowed us the earliest pick of a feitsty, high-spirited Doberman puppy with a bright pink collar commandeering a litter of 9 (her early title was "Hot Pink"). At two months, the earliest release date, she joined our family. We immediately began weekly training with Andee Burleigh, which gave us the best start, and later, joined Andee's Divine K-9 group training classes, which helped greatly in her socialization skills. As a result , Athena V has become the best-mannered and most admired Doberman we have owned. 

- Ben and Maureen Richards, Carmel

Andee, I’ve been meaning to write and tell you what a remarkable transformation has taken place with our wonderful companion, “Bob’s Your Dog”!! As you’ll recall, Bob came to us last August through the good folks of Labrador Rescue and frankly he was a behavioral mess when he arrived at our house. We wondered if enough progress could be made to enable us to really enjoy him as a dog-person and if he could ever fit into our lives. He had been rescued from the “mean streets” of Bakersfield and he was almost wild, he would not make eye contact with us and did not even like to be touched.

As you know, he was an eager and excited student when he attended your Obedience class—eager in the sense of a clumsy 85 pound doofus who had no concept of any prior training! With your calm, steady instruction and encouragement we began to see progress right away. We continued the reward-based training you showed us, and worked with him at home and in your classes. Since his “graduation” from obedience class we have continued to use these methods and work with him.

Both Sheila and I are amazed at his progress! He now can walk off-leash, come (most of the time) on command, sit and stay. We can walk away and he’ll stay, he will ignore treats until given permission, and he obeys many other great and useful commands—and all done with love and no hassle. In short, he’s a joy to be around he is good with strangers, friends and other dogs. We are very proud of him and his progress and we credit you with teaching us how to teach Bob to become a functional part of our family.

He is now about 2 and a half years young, weighs 100 pounds and is still a doofus, but a very affectionate and loveable doofus—as are most Labs! We cannot thank you enough for helping us start Bob’s training along the right path and allowing us to really enjoy him as our companion. You have a true gift when it comes to understanding an animal’s behavior and how to work constructively with them and their human partners to enjoy a good life together.

Thank you from both of us!

- Dick and Sheila Crowell, Carmel Valley