private instruction

This individualized training option is tailored to your specific training needs. Location based upon the needs of you and your dog.   

Benefits of Private Training: 

Problem solving specific to your dog’s training needs. Train in the environment where behavior occurs. Training a dog in a less distracting location allows the dog to learn more easily. Sessions scheduled to be convenient for your busy life, and on an as-needed basis:

  • Address issues not suitable for classes.
  • One hundred percent of trainer's time and attention.
  • More time for your questions.

Fees determined by training needs and distance required to drive: $115-150 
Note: discounts available for pre-paid Private Training series and/or when Private Training is combined with classes.

New or Pre-Puppy Arrival Consultations 

Let me help prepare you to be successful with your new puppy. Remember, your puppy starts learning the moment of arrival. Even if you think your puppy is too young for Divine K9 Dog Training, you can begin training at home from Day One.   Establish good habits, rather than allowing your pup to develop bad habits that will take more effort to correct and lead to more frustration in your household. Basic training needs to start early. A puppy can turn your house upside down without proper guidance, management and training. Even if you are in Puppy Classes, private instruction can be tailored to your specific needs that a class may unable to address. Consults are also available for new dogs of any age.